Thick as thieves

Dennis the Menace had Gnasher, James Belushi had Jerry Lee and Zak the Alien Prince had Benji (er and that gold flying robot thingy). Through thick and thin they were there for one another, although this time Iz and Missy (who has somehow ended up sitting on the toilet) have been caught red handed as the bath is filling up.

No doubt Isabelle has been throwing anything she can find into the bath so perhaps Missy wasn’t being so daft seeking ‘higher ground’ after all.

I can’t make my mind up who looks the guiltiest although Missy’s face has that ‘she made me do it Mr’ face about her and I’m sure if she could have been pointing her paw at Isabelle then she would have been.

Clearly they should have had a gold flying robot thingy as their look out!

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