A grandparents day out

My Mum and Dad came down not long after my birthday for a long weekend or should that be a short week, I’m not sure.

Any way they were here to catch up on the life and times of me, Sarah and Iz and also to go and see Dreamboats and Petticoats in the West End, rubbing shoulders with Cilla (my Dad even asked he could shake her hand), Richard and Judy and Melanie Sykes – sat one removed from them no less – as Des O’Connor was in the show. It even got featured in The Daily Mail.

Although Des was on stage it was obviously Isabelle who was centre stage during the week which culminated in a nice meal over at The Hawk, where Isabelle took great delight in having two sets of doting grandparents in the same room.

If Cilla had been there that day I don’t think she would have got much of a look in, never mind a hand shake.

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