I wanna hold your sand

Sarah hates sand…I’ve just asked her how much and she pulled a face of disgust and said about as much as David Hasslehoff, which by all accounts is quite a bit then.

Still, Sarah overcame this hatred (of sand not The Hoff you understand) so that Iz could hit the beach on holiday. I’m no fan of the sea – what a pair – but had a little paddle, well up to a little bit higher than my ankles.

Iz has not inherited neither of our lack of loves of sand or the sea and that was very evident in the way Iz was shovelling and playing with her bucket and assorted toys.

I think this picture says all you need to know about how Isabelle felt about the sea, I’m just surprised that she didn’t swallow more of it with that face of sheer delight, it’s what the phrase Kodak moment was created for.

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