Dolphins are ‘flipper-ing’ brilliant

I’ve never seen a dolphin show so didn’t really know what to expect but we were all suitably impressed by the eye-popping display of tricks and stunts that wowed the appreciative crowd.

The sealions were pretty spectacular as well and I’m sure Isabelle thought they were probably dogs or something with their whiskers and all…can’t see Missy getting up to those tricks though, no matter how big the dog chew.

Isabelle loved the clapping audience as much as the dolphins they were clapping for and was just nice for Sarah and I just be able to sit and enjoy the show but also enjoy Isabelle’s reactions to the show as well.

She also got a kick out of the trainers standing on top of the dolphins as I think it reminded herof her hydrofoiling through the swimming pool in a similar fashion, although I don’t think we’ll be attempting the trick with the boat…perhaps next year.

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