The holiday show must go on

Or should that be must the show go on?

Isabelle had clearly got the drift that we were venturing out that evening so she loved having yet another set of clothes on that day and – oh what a surprise – had no qualms about posing for the camera.

The entertainment on site was your usual think red coats meets unfunny sketch show but was more than pleasing enough to young children who liked loud noises and the antics of people baking in heavy costumes.

Iz was no exception when we took her to the ‘big top’ and she came to life once she saw the giant dolphin and shark on stage, I’m not sure what David Attenborough would have made of it – especially with them having really broad northern accents – but Iz really enjoyed and as you can see got really rather excited by it all.

This suggested that it would bode well for our jaunt later that week to a sealife centre which was home to a dolphin show.

At the end of the evening as we returned back to the apartment Isabelle enjoyed playing her (by now) usual holiday trick of hiding behind a wall before cheekily craning her neck round it to act all giggly and say hello.

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