Pool Newman

Isabelle could well be the Newman from Atlantis as she just loves being in the water, so finding the quiet pool was as if we had just found an oasis in the desert. It was infinitely quieter – save for the one day where there were three Dutch teenagers whose ball they were playing with almost hit Iz – cue defensive dad and mad as hell mum modes.

Sarah was first in the pool with me naturally on good old photo duties – also it looked ruddy cold – but Iz loved it, especially the splashing and the virtual swimming when she was rushed through the water like a hydrofoil. Isabelle also had a fondness for her rubber ring, which had her favourite all over it, strawberrys. Here you can see Isabelle gamely aping the MGM lion.

I of course did venture into the water as well.

The other thing Iz loved was playing with her ball in the water and by the middle of the hols she had grown more than quite adept at throwing it back and forth, something which has continued with her ball activities back on dry land.

With me practically melting quicker than a Calypso in a microwave on high I spent much of my time moving the sun lounger round out of the sun, making me something of a human sundial. What time is it? Half past Dean.

Talking of Calypsos though, Iz and Sarah enjoyed one each on a particularly hot day round the pool (my ice cream of choice was a Maxibon seeing as you are asking – thought you’d be pleased Dave).

Obviously Iz also had to stay out of direct sun so she could often be found munching on a cheese sandwich/crisp/banana on the sun loungers in her rather fetching sun hat, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The sun, the excitement and splashing about in the pool all finally caught up with Iz who could soon be found er sleeping like a baby.


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