Flight club

If she could talk, Isabelle’s first rule of flight club would be to constantly talk about flight club.

Isabelle loved the hustle and bustle of the airport and just the sheer number of people, she also loved all of the attention, the pointing at the screens and generally being excited but not quite knowing why. Iz has a thing for planes, being able to spot a silent chalk like vapour trail in the sky as if she has some bionic vision, cue an excited ‘oh’ and extended arm pointing in the general direction of the plane.

So, you can imagine her excitement then when they were screaming over the car park like the opening shot to Bad Boys or when we were on our final approach for boarding as a huge bank of planes came into view. It was easy to spot ours as our pink cases were glaringly obvious – easy for spotting on the luggage conveyor belt at least.

And so Isabelle prepared for her maiden flight as she boarded her very first plane.

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