Planes, no trains, but plenty of automobiles

We parked up at the vast park and ride  and got on our bus, which I had to chase after Jack Traven a la Speed-style as I had left Isabelle’s blanket on board…so much for a relaxing start to the hols!

Gatwick Airport itself was a dream, everyone was so lovely and accommodating. Isabelle’s plastic banana shaped banana holder somehow caused hilarity at the security section where everything gets scanned – perhaps they just don’t get out much.

The only problem travelling within the EU of course is that you can’t fill your pockets with booze, we did get some very nicely priced perfume and aftershave though. I guess we could have always have drunk that if we had got desperate.

I think the best thing we bought prior to flying was our electronic baggage scales from Boots (and double clubcard points – yay!). It was certainly well used as we shuffled items between the three cases and hand-held luggage more than a magician would a deck of cards just to get the weight right(ish). Cue scene of Sarah or I holding the cases aloft, arms straight as if we were taking part in the world’s strongest man.

It’s a shame that You Bet is no longer on the box as I swear Sarah or I could now pick up any item and tell you exactly how much it weighs just by looking at it.


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