Pack to the Future

Ah, the usual ritual of sorting all your clothes out, packing them and then taking half of them out of your case…and still finding that you still took far too many with you.

Well this year Isabelle decided to give Sarah a helping hand, typically much of mine was thrown in like a man fleeing the country in a hurry so Isabelle scored extra points for folding and rolling much neater than I did.

Clearly it was something she really enjoyed as after spending time packing she would then decide to take things out and do it all over again, or try and crawl in the case herself. And if the packing wasn’t done right then she wasn’t afraid to point out any mistakes and who could blame her, it was going to be her first proper holiday so you can’t fault her for wanting everything to be done correctly.







Not sure how this leaves us at the airport when we are asked if anyone has packed our cases though…

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