Holiday: Day Zero

Our hotel overlooked a fire station and upon opening the curtains we were greeted by the peculiar sight of a fake horse being put together – no, I’m not enirely sure either.

Staying near the airport was great as it meant it took all the stress and strain out of getting to the airport and the dilema of whether we were going to get snarled up on the A127/M25/QE2 bridge.

We had some snacks in the bar of the hotel that evening and Iz loved the massive expanse of carpet and crawling all over it – in her brand new trainers as well!

We’ve got a long hallway at home which Iz can often be found hurtling up and down with Missy, think going up and down like a world landspeed record attempt. But nothing could have prepared Isabelle for the corridors of the hotel, which for some reason gave the feeling of being able to move through them at lightning speed.

Darkly lit, aren’t they always, and meeting not a soul whilst in their confined carpeted realm reminded me of the corridors from The Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

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