Unwrap party

She might not have known exactly what was going on but Isabelle took proper delight in opening her presents over her birthday weekend…little did she know she had lots more to come from her christening/birthday party.

She did however take great delight in tearing something different to the Argos catalogue/The Guardian magazine and got really got stuck into her assault on various wrapping paper. Sarah and I took it in turns to help with official opening duties to make it fair.

It was no surprise that Fifi and the Flowertots featured highly in several items, including a car and a soft tenpin bowling set (Kursaal here we come). Musical instruments were also a favourite, including a Peppa Pig (cue snort, which Isabelle now does if you sing the theme tune – oh how we’ll regret that) musical set including drum and symbols, Iz can already give Animal from The Muppets a run for his money.

There was of course cake, which the clearly hollow-legged Isabelle devoured happily. Grandma and Granddad were there to watch proceedings unfold, with Nana and Granddad arriving a couple of days later.

Now getting used to it all, Isabelle proved to have something of a knack (after a helping hand or two naturally) of getting into her presents. She still enjoyed the traditional birthday tickle of course!

This was of course followed by further cake, cake for all it would seem. You can’t say we haven’t taught our daughter to share!

Surrounded by too many items to delight, entertain and educate Isabelle naturally decided to play with an empty box (down to the back of Tesco for as many empty crisp boxes as we can carry next birthday I can tell you).

For a change it wasn’t me who had made the living room a bit of a disaster zone, it may have been strewn with debris (Missy quite sensibly sought refuge on higher ground) but hurricane Isabelle clearly enjoyed her day of destruction.

Getting round so many presents also meant that Isabelle needed to be equipped with some speedy footwear and diminutive trainers didn’t come much cuter than her first pair of Nikes.

Such activity meant the need to refuel courtesy of Mr and Mrs Cheesestring. Iz has also been going through a phase where she needs to hold two of everything she holds, hence the double hander with the strings of cheese, Sarah does a similar trick with £10 notes J

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