What a difference 365 days makes

August 26th 2010

It’s Isabelle’s first birthday today and a mere few hours from now it will be exactly one year since she first opened her eyes and said ‘Hello World’. I’m proud to say that that is still my most viewed entry and chronicles Isabelle’s day of birth.

Looking back at it now it’s full of great little nuances and tiny observations that neither Sarah nor I would remember so it’s great to be able to read back and be reminded of those little things.

This also marks my hundredth ‘Baby Stuff’ blog entry, which itself began a whole six months before Isabelle was born. And boy, what a difference 365 days makes! It really has honestly zoomed by – with the odd slow mo moment during dark and distant sleepless nights (one hopes but one is always fearful they will return).

With 100 entries if this were a TV series then we’d be ripe for syndication. In that fine tradition of fine long-running TV series then I’m doing a clips entry if you will, featuring some of the highlights of the ‘series’ so far.

October 11th 2010

At first I thought it would be quite easy but it is quite a trawl and I had to be careful in not wanting to just read them all. As I touched on earlier it’s those little moments being recorded that really impress as for me they are what make it personal, especially the little moments in the big sweeping ones, they just help give it that extra layer.

So, as the programme Friends might say, here is the one with all the highlights…

Naturally the entry from the day of Isabelle’s birth is very special for obvious reasons, my fetching scrubs not being one of them, so that is featured towards the very top of this entry. Here are some more.

Here’s looking at you kid

In certain circles I’m famed for my punnery (some call it a blessing, others a curse) so most entries will have a play on words for a title, the key (and this is where those trying to hard fail) is that it has to be effortless and also make sense for the tone of the piece and describe it perfectly and that is exactly what this does…the first time that any of us saw Isabelle in 3D form in the womb.

January 16th 2011

There’s a real sense of wonder in this piece complete with all the excitement and slight worry, but the thing looking back now is just how much the render looks like the Isabelle we know and love now.

Ground-sprog Day

This pretty much highlighted the frustration of running through the same motions and indeed emotions every day for what seemed like two weeks. With Sarah being induced several times and stuck in hospital mostly during that period one can only imagine exactly what she was going through during that time.

New-man’s best friend

Izzy and Missy are still a constant and constantly inseparable. When Isabelle comes in from nursery she is actively looking for her from the bottom of the stairs, squealing with delight when she sees that white tail happily flicking away. The real joy here are the images of the two of them together, they also both feature in an early Stars in Their Iz.

April 2nd 2011

Missy’s ears may get tucked a little bit more these days and she may have to move a little bit quicker, but their love for one another (and Missy’s love of hovering up after Iz and love of Iz gamely offering her food) is undeniable.

The Show-er Must Go On

Again, another great crop of images showing just how much Isabelle loooooooooves the water. She flits between baths and showers these days but loves water in either form. The only downside is that she gets excited about going into the bathroom and throws a paddy if she finds you have ventured into the shower without her.

Isabelle and the Machine

The most recent entry on the list and it’s the moving images that make this stand out for me as Isabelle clearly relishes emptying the washing machine complete with her joyous noises as she goes about her chores, with Missy never ever far behind. This really captures her progress and how far she has come in such a short period of time. Her comic timing is almost faultless.

August 25th 2011

Here’s to the ‘second season’ of the further exploits of Isabelle Jane Newman. Thank you for watching.

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