Hoovers suck!

It sits in the corner of the room, dormant. Isabelle’s eyes narrow as she watches it for the any signs of movement, no matter how slight. Gingerly she crawls passed it but always watching it.

Then, from out of the shadows it strikes with a deafening noise…Isabelle has a fear of the vacuum cleaner. It’s almost as if with her becoming more aware of noises and sounds around her, so once both co-existed in harmony.

The fact that it’s a Dyson ball creates images of the boulder from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark snapping at the heels of Indiana Jones, but I’m more inclined to see it as akin to the crop dusting plane remorselessly chasing down Cary Grant in North By Northwest.

Lately then hoovering has had to occur when Isabelle isn’t here or when she can stay in the other room with Sarah whilst Daddy wrestles with it like Tarzan, loin cloth optional. It evokes memories of this scene from Mr Mom with Michael Keaton.




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