The fabulous baking girls

We were invited to Luke’s fifth birthday party which was one with a difference as it was a cooking one so all the kids made their own pizza’s followed by their own cupcakes, the latter which Isabelle and Sarah jumped at the chance to get piping with the icing and creative with the hundreds and thousands etc, whilst I was chief taster, naturally.

It has to be said Sarah had more enthusiasm about it than the entire hall full of kids, which was saying something, but Isabelle was taking it all in her stride as well. In fact Sarah enjoyed it so much that she has been on the cup cake making spree at home, so although I’ve not been home to lick out the bowl I have been able to sample the rather scrummy results.

Isabelle also loved navigating her way round the hall of the floor at speeds that would no doubt put Donald Campbell to shame, Donald Campbell chasing balloons that is. Iz finally caught her inflated friend, trying to chomp down on a giant orange one as if she were Bugs Bunny.

For Luke’s party we travelled up to Notts again, for the first time since Christmas, so was great to catch up with folk on what I’ll always call home turf and was just nice being ‘away’. It wasn’t without its challenges though as due to crappy traffic on the way there we went over Isabelle’s feeding time and my rather ropey Fifi Forget-me-not impressions could only stave off tears for so long. Talking like Jane Horrocks at 70 mph with a Jack Russell on your lap is not the easiest of feats.

Unfortunately, as usual, we didn’t have the time to fit everybody in but them we didn’t want the visits to become like the Royal visit to Canada and it be a series of visiting people, otherwise we would have just been running around. We did however catch up with God parents to be, Dave and Lisa, who we’d not seen since Christmas, so had a lovely homemade bun or two, I even shared a little bit with Iz, (see a theme here) and lunch.

Not so sure that the cats had the same feeling, who pretty much stayed out of the way. Clearly Missy had sent them fair warning, I guess sometimes quadrupeds, even ones on opposite sides, have to stick together.

Was great to catch up and as usual it was if we’d seen each other just yesterday, as has always been and no doubt always will be the case. Hoping to catch up with Matt and Jo soon as well.

My dad doesn’t work weekends so it was Isabelle all weekend for him but unforts he was working ‘days’ on Monday so he wasn’t around until later in the afternoon. Mum had booked time off work though so she came along for the ride as we hit a specialist cake shop in Worksop for Sarah and hit Newark for a spot of light lunch, which Isabelle thoroughly enjoyed. She also enjoyed gamely dropping her spoon, all in the name of keeping daddy occupied of course, and daddy fell for the same trick each and every time.


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