She’s behind Moo!

Isabelle loves Missy, there is no denying that. She bobs her head up and down looking for her as soon as she comes in through the front door and then shrieks in high pitched delight as her floppy ears come into few peering through the slats of the baby gate. Invariably Missy then squeezes through the stairs banister to greet us.

Iz also loves the soft fur of Missy but can be a bit rough if she is not careful with her pulling, Missy giving her a ten second rule and then wisely a wide berth.

Missy has often taken to the sofa or the top of the sofa for sanctuary from the exploring hands (and teeth as she went through a phase of wanting to bite Missy ā€“ er girl bites dog) but that sanctuary whence Missy so precariously perched is one no more…Isabelle can now raise herself up onto the sofa- which amuses her no end as she always cackles with delight as she grunts and pulls her way up ā€“ with Missy only now a small hands stretch away. Missy now sleeps with one eye open.

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