Isabelle and the Machine

Or should that be chores, just when you thought it was safe to go into the kitchen? Isabelle loves the kitchen, whether that’s watching food, her bottle or indeed Missy’s food be prepared. She also has something of a fascination with the washing machine – behold it spins round and around and around and it’s also got bloomin great knobs and switches and flashing lights on it into the bargain.

As such, she has obviously been taking it all in on one of these seemingly endless wash days, as the other day Isabelle took to emptying the washing machine, pulling wrapped up garments from the machine like a magician does with flags up his sleeve. See the video here.

If that wasn’t enough, I was suitably impressed (we’ll have her up the chimney or down the pit by Christmas) as when I was refilling the machine with clothes that needed washing Isabelle proceeded to remove them from the machine as well. Not exactly helpful as such but you’ve got to admire her commitment.

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