Supermarket Freak

When we are out with Isabelle, pretty much anywhere she seems to get a reaction, a smile here, no it’s a girl not a boy, did the pink or the hair slide not give it away, there. That’s fine I can deal with that, it’s just when you get the odd folk circling, and yes they are usually elderly.

Okay, so I’m probably being unfair to the random elderly lady who thrust 50p into my hands for Isabelle and the one who struck up conversation as we went round the supermarket, see Baby Bingo for related details, who we then kept on seeing…and still do sometimes when I close my eyes.

I know they are being nice and they mean no harm but it all just reminds me of Reverend Kane from Poltergeist 2 and 3, specifically the second one though at the shopping mall where Carol-Anne first runs into him. Therefore it all just freaks me out a little bit, all the more so with the latest ‘kind elderly person’ who was stood outside the supermarket as we drove out waving – in what I recall as in slow motion, but I know it probably wasn’t– saying over and again “Bye Isabelle, bye”.

Cue watching signs of Isabelle talking to the static of the television, or worse still The Zone: Challenge Jackpot!

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