She absolutely will not stop

Scribing has been a bit dormant of late but I am now on catch up duty. So, in my best Jack Bauer voice, previously on Isabelle Newman…

To paraphrase Kyle Reese in James Cameron’s classic, The Terminator, Isabelle “absolutely will not stop” but less jacket, boots and motorcycle and more hankering after notebook, slippers and car keys.

Isabelle is on the move, like a wind up solder or one of those pull back cars…you know the ones that when they hit the wall they flip over on themselves and head back in the direction from whence they came.

It’s been a big week progress wise for Isabelle what with waving, clapping, movement (in a fashion) and a third tooth sprouting. With Isabelle fully mobilised it’s a strange feeling of both joy and fear.

Cinematically (for a change) I guess its one part Gremlins and another part Jurassic Park, I know full of compliments aren’t I! The cuteness of the Mogwai has just been replaced with chaos and wanton destruction. But for me it’s that scene in Jurassic Park that strikes the biggest chord, the moment where Sam Neill and Laura Dern and co utter something akin to “at least velociraptors haven’t figured out to open doors”, to then be shown a raptor to be, indeed, doing just that. And that’s exactly how it feels with Isabelle at the mo.

She shoots across that living room floor faster than you can say Alien Face Hugger, making a bee line for the warm glow of the DVD player. Cue stampede for baby gates, plug socket protectors, invisible force fields. Never have the slots of the PS3 or Wii looked so large or inviting and the subwoofer, once not out of the ordinary, now looks as if it is in a state of perpetual screaming, waiting for something to be inserted into it.

Gone are those halcyon days of dashing for this or that whilst Isabelle flails on the floor, welcome to the New-man world order…

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