Isabelle the Cannibelle

Perhaps it was Isabelle guessing the make of aftershave that I was wearing or the fetching blue boiler suit that she was wearing that gave it away, but it was more the repeated nipping of my shoulder with her teeth that gained my attention. I’ve heard of reality bites but this is ridiculous!

As she goes through this phase I don’t think I’ll be rushing to show her any of the Bond films featuring Jaws either, just to be on the safe side you understand.

All of this has also coincided with us starting to turn the flat into a maximum security stockade of sorts, with numerous gates etc, even Missy has an ID badge. Thus far we have a new gate at the top of the stairs and also one between the Living Room and the Landing, so it’s just like following the country code really and remembering to close gates behind you. Just with less cow pats.

With all of these Hannibal Lecter shenanigans it’s merely a matter of time until Isabelle escapes from nursery wearing the face of one of her nursery teachers, or then again, perhaps not. I’ve got to go as I’m taking Isabelle out as she’s meeting an old friend for dinner.

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