Driving Iz Daisy

I had my first solo outing with Isabelle in my car the other day, in her other new car seat, pink, of course, as I took her to nursery.

You always drive different when there is someone else so little in the car with you and its unsurprising, especially the first time, how much more aware you are of having someone else’s life in your hands when you step behind that wheel, watching those traffic lights closer and those folk edging out of junctions or them cutting corners.

Isabelle had a bemused but intrigued face about her as we travelled to nursery as she must have wondered what on earth I was doing sat that side of the car, as its Sarah that is often behind the wheel.

It was beaming smiles again though as we pulled up at nursery and I dropped her off before heading on to work…with that rather infectious Driving Miss Daisy theme running through my head.

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