There’s a Newman on Campus (sort of)

Er, ringing in the changes

Okay, so its nursery, not exactly a Campus, but I thought it had a better kind of ring to it. Also it was the pun-induced headline I used to introduce me in the weekly bulletin at South Essex College all those years ago, and so a legend was born, so I felt it had a nice full circle feel about it. So there.

To say Isabelle likes nursery is a little akin to saying that Wembley Stadium is a small function room that can hold 30 people. She loves it, absolutely loves it, that much is clear by her rather huge, even for Isabelle, smile as she enters and leaves.

Sure, she loves the fact she can see mum and dad again but that time there is like her special time as she heat seeks in on the nursery assistants for all that play and interaction, and naps and lunch (not to mention breakfast if she wants it). Above all else you can really see that she is enjoying herself and once that door with the small square window closes, we step back and enjoy seeing her have fun independently of us.

Sarah drops her off on the way to work but we both went that first morning and there were no tears from any of us, we’d had a tour round and Iz had had a few taster sessions and we knew she was in safe hands and a safe environment.

I know when I went to nursery, all I remember was a giant ruddy rocking horse, drinking milk and playing in the sand pit etc, who’d have thunk it that I was actually learning new skills and being monitored etc. We can a nice little report card of sorts each time Isabelle goes, which is three times a week, so although we aren’t there we at least get to read what she has been up to and how she is progressing. And it really is those small, minute things that delight.

Below are Isabelle’s first three entries from her first week at nursery.

Day One

Today I have been feeling a little bit under the weather. But I have been playing with the rattles and musical keys.

Day Two

Today I have been looking in the mirror at myself. I have also been out in the garden exploring. Medicine given at 11.25 as asleep at 11.00. Went to sleep in a cot with no rocking or adult J.

Day Three

Today I have been exploring soft play and the different shapes. I have also been attempting to get on all fours to crawl.

All gold standard stuff. I think everyone should have one of these done for them at work every day.

Day One

Today I wrote three press releases and spoke to the radio. I had a particularly witty comeback to the man in the lift, he won’t be doing that again, and walked to McDonalds for a half decent coffee.

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