Time flies when you are being mum

I can hardly believe it, Sarah has been off an astounding 10 months, it’s not the length of time that astounds but more the sheer speed that it has sped by,

It was now with a heavy heart then that I disappeared back into the loft to search for Sarah’s work clothes, blowing dust off the case they were in as if I were Indiana Jones himself.

Sarah’s going back to work part-time, which means Isabelle is going yo nursery. I’ve probably mentioned it before but you think its something your parents say when they say ‘they just grow up so quickly’. Well, you know what, they are absolutely right.

Isabelle also helped Sarah get all her bits ready for work as well, having great fun shaking boxes and crunching protective wrapping. Who knows she just might end up going into the health profession just like her mum and namesake, Izzie, from Grey’s Anatomy. That must make me McDeany then!

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