May the forks be with you

Today, May 5th at the time of writing, Isabelle used her fork for the first time, eating a jacket potato with cheese at Marsh Farm.

Sarah always used to come here with school, so it was quite nice that Isabelle was following in her mum’s footsteps (no doubt every child in a 30 mile radius has been here but that still doesn’t make it any less nice).

I think that Sarah was having as much fun as Isabelle, who was awake and alert for the whole trundle round, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of more sheep and cows and pigs than you could shake a stick at.

There were even Llamas, and one was called Rachel, which no doubt confused Isabelle no end as that is Sarah’s best friend and Isabelle’s godmother, or she may have just been fascinated with its hair, I certainly was.

It was just all animals, oh no, as we also found a ballpit that no one else was using so Isabelle dived in and had a whale of a time, even mum joined in for a little bit, even if Isabelle did look as if she was sinking in quicksand.

Another epic adventure for Isabelle under her belt, after a coffee and a bottle of milk, the former us of course, Isabelle made a trip to the land of nod, no doubt counting sheep, pigs, cows (both real and otherwise) and multi-coloured balls. It must be crowded in that little head of hers. Loving that top as well Iz.

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