Weddings, wickets and widgets


Twas the morning of the Royal Wedding and we found ourselves heading to Northants to visit two of Isabelle’s Godparents, Shaun and Sue.

For her the excitement was clearly too much though as she was out for the count not long into our journey.

Sarah and I make do with the audio description of the build up to the wedding on Radio 2. By the time we reached rural Northants it was all winding leafy lanes and the wedding had just started so we had a rousing choral classic as we twisted and turned, in fact it almost seemed as if we were in an episode of Inspector Morse.

Upon arrival we weren’t greeted by Morse, or indeed Lewis, but instead by five dogs of varying sizes but all equally excited to see us. Oscar the spaniel took a particular shine to Isabelle and the pair were pretty much inseparable all weekend.

Isabelle also got to say a big in your face hello to numerous chickens, including a strutting Gertie.

She was equally fascinated by the more inanimate animals that inhabited the house. To be honest I think the thing that stumped her was how it got stuck up there in the first place and perhaps more importantly, was it going to try and snaffle her carrot sticks or rice cakes?


Izzy experienced her very first (and possibly last) cricket game. We were reunited with Missy, who at least fitted in, being all white and all…not that she’d run for a ball or anything.

Isabelle, and Missy for that matter, enjoyed sitting on the rug, trying out the swing and even giving me the bounces, thanks to mum, on the see saw, cos that was fun hanging on with one hand.

The afternoon also saw Ash proposing to Kim in the middle of the wicket, thankfully Ash waited until tea so no one was playing on it, still able to bowl over his maiden though (arf).


We hit Banbury town centre with Shaun and Sue, and Shaun took great delight in pushing Isabelle round town in her pushchair, introducing her to everyone he knew…which believe you me was a looooooooooooooooooot of people. I’m surprised the local paper weren’t there to report on this momentous occasion. It certainly was a sight to behold, a 6 ft something brickshit house of a man, who wouldn’t look out of place on any pub or club door, proudly showing off his god-daughter. Bless. He was now a soft as shit 6 ft something brickshit house of a man, with a bright green pushchair.

Isabelle played the lady muck part well, complete with wrap around sunglasses, making her look a bit like Neo from The Matrix. Being the doting godparent, Shaun also bought Isabelle her first Guinness, well we were all drinking and he just didn’t want her to feel left out. Of course, it was all for show and was naturally the size of an egg cup.

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