Day of the Animals

Isabelle may have skirted round the edge of the animal kingdom the previous day, with chickens and some new dogs, well, that was just a dress rehearsal for today’s menagerie of quadrupeds including yet more dogs (in the form of huskies), sheep, including some beautiful baby lambs, and horses and pigs.

We are greeted by the snuffle of a whole group of some lovely looking huskies before we passed through a barn, which was like proper Charlotte’s Web territory as it was home to all the aforementioned animals, to meet a whole field full of sheep and new born lambs.

The sheep, who seemed to follow us round more like dogs, they even all had their own individual names, including Shaun, Oliver and Pumpkin. In fact Oliver even thinks he is a husky as he grew up with them, how very Babe like. They then brought the lambs over to us and introduced us like proud mothers.

Being on top of a hill we were all a tad wind-swept so headed back into the safe haven of the barn to make like Dr Doolittle and talk with the animals.

The horses were feeding as we went back in and Isabelle was certainly taken in by the sheer size of them, which in Isabelle hands must have surely been about 700 hands tall and must have seemed like horsezilla. Just think of that first moment you see the T-Rex full size on that storm ridden night in Jurassic Park, minus the flare and that bloke being eaten on the toilet.

Next was the pig, named Twiggy, which also dwarfed Isabelle in sheer size, it was more like Razorback it was that big. I don’t think Isabelle was too sure about her but Twiggy intrigued as when we moved onto another part of the barn she wanted to get another view of her.

Although pleased to see the different animals Isabelle was just as happy amusing herself on the floor with straw. She said one last goodbye to the sheep and a couple of lambs, ones which were abandoned by their mothers and were now being hand reared.

Later on that same day Isabelle met her final new animal of the day, a cow, in the form of her very first roast dinner, which had been blended up. Isabelle loved it and pretty much gobbled it all up, impressing everyone at the table with her appetite. We were at the Hare and Hound, where we took over the dining area, to celebrate Kim’s 21st. No, they aren’t chirping birds on her head they are meant to be candles.

Jane and Jeff had been staying on the canal boat so they were just as pleased to see Isabelle as everyone else. Isabelle was of course pleased to see them but even more pleased to see balloons. See how they float, be amazed at the noise they make when rubbed. Ah, simple pleasures.

Pillow of the day was Sue, who made the most of Isabelle before going back to work before we left in the morning, and quite right too. She promptly fell a sleep in her arms, fully rested and fully fed after a full day of brand new adventures.

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