The Eggs Files

Okay, so it’s a little late but Isabelle is experiencing that many new things at the mo it’s hard to keep up with my blog scribing. I know they say babies are like sponges but I think Isabelle is more like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit at the moment as he flicks through all those books for ‘input, Stephanie!’

Let’s get cracking (arf). Its Isabelle’s first Easter, so naturally she’s got her very first Easter egg, courtesy of Gavin and Shona, and we’ve plumped for a Winnie the Pooh chocolate honey pot, complete with chocolate bees!

We were also ably assisted with giant packets of chocolate buttons from Lee and Yvette with a Fifi and the Flowertots doll from Jane and Jeff and clothes from my mum and dad.

Having only just experienced her first taste of chocolate, thanks to some good old chocolate buttons from the Brickyard Christmas Party, if the rate she eats them, broken up into four pieces, is anything to go by then she’ll still be eating these eggs until next Easter.

Predictably, Isabelle was a massive fan of the packaging and silver paper though. Behold, see how it crinkles and makes that rattling noise, witness the noise the plastic makes and be astounded at how the cardboard crumples. All untold excitement for an 8 month old.

Hopefully most of that chocolate won’t end up in the carpet, on the sofa, or even on Missy. Hopefully it won’t, after all Easter is the time or miracles.

With the milky bar egg came Isabelle’s first taste of white chocolate and it certainly seemed to be a hit, intrigued by its convex shape. There is still more than half of it sat in the fridge greeting Sarah and I every time we open the door. As tasty as it looks we just can’t bring ourselves to steal from her first ever Easter egg, even if she never knew we would, so I had to go out and buy one for Sarah and I to share.

For the foreseeable future it would seem that Milky Bar eggs are on me! Obviously its all things chocky in small doses and like a good little call Isabelle didn’t want her two emerging teeth to fall out just yet so she, very ably I might add, brushed her teeth until they were sparkly clean.

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