Here comes the sun…I mean, daughter

Getting ready to greet Mr Sunshine was Isabelle in a lovely summer dress, here checking her hectic social schedule, it soon made way for her being covered head to toe in squirty suncream, which made her jump a little when first applied as it was a little bit cold.

Isabelle and Missy are thick as thieves and Isabelle’s eyes pretty much follow her everywhere, and her hands if she is quick enough. I’m not sure sometimes if Isabelle thinks she is part dog or Missy thinks she is part human, either way there is a massive bond.

Missy’s whiskers and tail were making her giggle with delight in the bedroom this morning, the pair are quite clearly best friends forever and Missy doesn’t even flinch, no matter how much she is pulled, yanked or haphazardly stroked. Her allegiance is unwavering.

Sprayed head to toe with suntan lotion, Isabelle donned her standard issue sun hat that she’ll hate us for taking pictures of her in it some 15 years later no doubt. Being a baby and as pale as me you have to take full precautions, so, sorry future Isabelle, we make no apologies.

And if Isabelle and I had to put the slap on then so did the other pale member of the family, Missy, whose pink belly, nose and ears I covered in lotion, which explained the white hairs on my palms. She just loves the sun though, it’s almost as if she absorbs its energy or something as she practically glows white-hot in it, looking somewhat like Marlon Brando in Superman, minus the kiss curl.

Isabelle also experienced her first taste of a lolly and being so warm she seemed to enjoy the sensation of cold liquid running into, and down, her little tummy. She also managed to wangle a taster of Sarah’s Strawberry Split.

Having honed her grabbing and pulling technique on the dogs or mine and Sarah’s hair, Isabelle took those essential skills and used them on the grass, after that display I’m not too keen on her getting hold of my hair again!

After taking huge clumps, dirt and all, Isabelle then proceeded to try and eat it, well she is rather partial to cucumber. Cue Daddy jumping in to ruin all her new found fun, only to be met by frowns and further attempts at the desertification of Southend.

Isabelle looked undeniably cute in her swimming pool and was fascinated by the balls and the water they danced around in. Daddy got involved, more than he would have liked, when the inevitable poo sank to the bottom of the pool. Cue retrieval with wetwipes, not exactly ‘Raise the Titanic’ I grant you and I didn’t exactly feel like Dr Robert G Ballard locating the ‘wreck’, which just like the Titanic had also broken in two.

 Although getting those pesky floating balls out the way hampered the ‘rescue’ mission at the beginning, it was like a demented game from Fun House or something, you’ll be pleased to learn that the wetwipe and its contents were safely deposited in an empty bag of Cheese and Onion crisps

 Mixed in with the noise of distant planes travelling to destinations far and wide, with the gentle breeze and chirps of birdsong were the roars of ohs and ahs from the Southend United game. Oddly this was also joined by next door’s chickens clucking away, almost as if they were giving their very own commentary. A relaxing afternoon was had by all, especially Isabelle.

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