To catch a Fifi

Like a snake being charmed, Isabelle is put under a spell that no food, no drink, no mummy or daddy can snap her out of, Isabelle has found television.

 Of course it has always been there and no doubt she heard the muffled theme tunes to EastEnders and, Everybody Loves Raymond and Third Watch whilst still in her mum’s tum.

And it’s also true that Isabelle has always had a certain soft spot for the music channels, and who can blame her with the fast editing, the constant movement and the thumbing tunes (oh no, I sound like the ‘hey, that’s got a good beat’ dad as played by Hugh Dennis on and off in The Mary Whitehouse Experience). No doubt she’ll be a big Michael Bay fan then 🙂

 But…none of this comes even close to three particular items on TV that, once they appear, sends Isabelle’s eyes wide, neck craning and smile even wider. Peppa Pig doesn’t even dent the surface; neither does the ever so slightly bonkers In the Night Garden, taking third and second places are adverts of all things!

All I can say is thank goodness that Mr Blobby is nowhere to be seen these days as we’d all be doomed (it was bad enough that my mum, yes you, found him hilarious and even though she knew it wrong it only made him all the more funny to her).

In third place we have the Go Compare man, sigh. The first time you see the advert, you know the first one , the one with the groan some tenor/tenner joke, it’s kind of amusing but after hearing and seeing each subsequent new version it is seriously a case of diminishing returns, so much so I don’t think I would even want to insure anything with them. The advert in question at the mo is the Star Trek inspired one, that really gets her all giggly.

The next advert is more of a sponsorship bumper to be honest, the Foxy Bingo stings inbetween Sir Jeremy Kyle. One part of me thinks this could be a throwback (like most of his guests then) to when Isabelle was in the womb.

With that Northern twang, “alright sweetcheeks”, those threads and those moves, who couldn’t resist, come to think of it he probably reminds her of me (ahem).

There’s no chance of getting food in Isabelle when he’s about but it all bodes nicely for one of my favourite children’s books, Fantastic Mr Fox. Number one then, you’ll be pleased to hear, isn’t the ‘washing machines live longer with Calgon’ jingle, it is in fact Fifi and the Flowertots, which is like flicking a switch or magnet in Isabelle as she is completely transfixed on the unfolding colourful and catchy titles. Catch her viewing the titles here. Titles that we have both found ourselves humming and now, thank you Sky +, pretty much know the theme tune off by heart.

Of course there might be something else she is in too, if not then I am sure we can expect Fifi curtains to beanbags coming soon! I’m also keen to see what Isabelle makes of the likes of favourites from when I was growing up such as Bagpuss, Willo the Wisp and Bugs Bunny and Co.

They don’t make ’em like they used to…but I’m sure our mums and dads used to say that as well.

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