Whatever Happened to Baby Isabelle Jane?

Isabelle is six months old today. It’s pretty mind-bending stuff as in many ways it seems longer and in the next moment it is as if it has zipped by in the blink of an eye, I’m not sure what Einstein would make of it all from a time perspective but as I don’t speak German I wouldn’t be able to understand him anyway.

Home video footage conjures up memories of everything from the Kennedy Assassination footage (cheery) to Harry Hill’s You’ve Been Framed (what’s the chances of that happening?) to the beginning titles of The Wonder Years (yes Kevin’s friend, Paul, did look like a young Marilyn Manson and yes Kevin should have hooked up with Winnie Cooper).

I’ve not got behind the lens of my video camera as much as I would have liked, I’m aiming to change all that, and much of what follows has been taken on my digital camera which is just so more accessible in places like delivery rooms. So don’t expect any editing, no fancy reverse zooms and simultaneous dolly shots, no second takes, this is just capturing life, almost quite literally as it happens.

In celebration of Isabelle’s six months on this planet we call Earth (tempting as it was to raise her thinking she was on planet Houston, at least you’ll get it Alex) I’m posting some never before seen footage, not in an alien autopsy style way you understand, of Isabelle as she experiences some of her first moments.

First cuddle with mum

Moments after birth stepping onto the scales

This whole being born lark can be rather tiring


 Happy six month birthday Isabelle

Daddy xxx


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