Animal Magic

Last weekend was Sarah’s birthday and we all ventured on a visit to local animal centre, Tropical Wings, obviously Pets at Home would have been cheaper but it lacked the range of animals to be fair.

The trip was exciting though as it marked Isabelle’s first experience of a menagerie of animals that either weren’t sat at the end of her bed or were soft to the touch in one of her books. She’s only ever come into contact with dogs and her beloved Mary Moo Cow hand puppet (so named after the cow that runs on the beach in that Muller advert).

Not quite a  zoo, Tropical Wings may not boast elephants or tigers – Colchester Zoo was tempting but is ruddy hilly – but it did have a butterfly enclosure, meerkats and giant white wallabies, the latter no doubt confusing for Isabelle as they do look a little like Missy.

Bitterly cold it was lovely and warm in the butterfly enclosure and Isabelle greeted them with more than a little trepidation as they kept on taking her by surprise fluttering in front of her face, she was fascinated by the rather greedy Koi Carp and the rather laid back Iguana.

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