Hips hips hooray

Twas back to the hospital today for Isabelle to get an ultrasound on her hips as there was a slight concern over some extra creases in thigh, turns out it was nothing to worry about but best to check it out all the same as the Doctor said that if there was anything then it wouldn’t necessarily hurt at the moment.

Isabelle was very well behaved and didn’t make a peep, she was too concerned with taking in all the info around her. I know they say that babies this age are like sponges and just soak up info and you can see her registering it all like Number 5 in Short Circuit after his constant input.

Isabelle’s been making noises for a while now, like a pint-sized version of Zed from Police Academy, and has just starting moving her tongue all over the place trying to form words of sorts but at this stage coming across more like an actor in a badly dubbed martial arts movie, which of course she’ll be more than free to make when she is older having perfectly good hips and all.

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