Harry routine-y

At this stage I’m confident Isabelle is going to be a contortionist as she seems to be able to pretty much bend herself seemingly in any position, her fave laying on her side and arching her back when she is in her rapidly shrinking in size moses basket

She would much rather hold a hand when she is stirring at night than have her dummy, so at this rate may have to snaffle a mannequins hand for her to hold all night, although I’m not sure how we would explain those early drawings of a ‘severed’ hand. Either that or a prolonged baby version of touch the truck!

Isabelle rubs her head when she is tired and hungry, a bit like Charlie Babbitt in Rain Man, although it’s probably too early to try her down at the Southend casinos in matching suits.

This is the week we are also set in to getting her, and therefore ourselves, into some sort of routine including feeds at more regular times, not that they weren’t before and that all important bedtime story, starting with the complete Winnie the Pooh, told like a serial complete with cliffhangers and everything. I’ve decided against the ‘previously on Winnie the Pooh’ format though as we’d never get very far with the stories, plus his exploits aren’t exactly as complex as Jack Bauer’s. We’ve never read Winnie the Pooh so we are looking forward to see what happens ourselves!

Sarah could also go on Britain’s Got Talent with her dream feeding skills and even dream nappy changing, the latter like a human version of buckaroo meets bomb disposal as it takes a very steady hand and nerves of steel to open the sides of the nappy and slowly unpeel them to minimise noise and stirring. Nail biting stuff but mission accomplished.

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