Strike a pose

Working in Press and Communications means that most days I can be found taking or helping arrange photos and photo opportunities for a wide range of stories and publications. Last week was no different, which saw me cover everything from a training exercise at an Airport to a 6 foot long Subway sandwich, at least I can confidently say that no two days are ever the same!

I also enjoy taking images of Isabelle, capturing all those little nuances and those oh so slight changes as she grows week by week. We did have some professional photos taken recently, basically it was one of those ‘offers’ where they say that they’ll take a picture of your child now, in 6 months and then after 12 months and you get to pick one shot for free. Easy.

Of course they hope that there are oh so many good pictures to choose from that you’ll pick up a whole bundle –bundle not being that many and not at all that large in size either – and charge you a rather handsome price for it into the bargain. No wonder they are oh so keen to invite grand-folk down for the photo viewings!

Blow that, I thought. Obviously we’ll go claim our free teeny tiny shot but I thought I’d have a go at taking my very own studio shots. So armed with my able assistant, Sarah and Mary moo cow (a cow glove puppet so named after the cow that runs along the beach because it always wanted to be a horse) we did just that.

I was quite pleased I was able to do something like this as I’m no good at building things or putting items up like shelves so felt I was finally able to add something of practical help and assistance as there really wasn’t much call for writing a press release about putting some shelves up. I make a mean cup of tea though.

To say Isabelle likes having her photo taken is a bit of an understatement and she certainly enjoys shedding her clothes more than having them on, no doubt she’ll er grow out of that particular habit, one hopes!

We are pretty impressed with the results and got some lovely images, very different from the ones you take in your own living room. It was amazing how much it brought her very blue eyes out, more Paul Newman than Dean Newman.

Of course, if she did have Brown eyes like me than, not very original I know, we’d have been able to call her our brown eyed girl, just like the Van Morrison song, the only one I could think of though was ‘Blue is the colour’ by Eiffel 65, read that as Awful 65, which seemed to make her giggle and laugh, which to be fair I don’t think Van Morrison would have had quite the same effect. Sorry Van.


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