Tis the season to be jolly…scary: Driving Home for Christmas

A deserted county road at night, it was snowing heavily and only a matter of hours before Christmas morning. David Cooper had been travelling in the warm cocoon of his car for the last four hours. Not long now he kept on telling him self.

It was then that David saw a woman flagging down his car, he slammed on the brakes and swerved in the snow. He put his hazard lights on and wound down the window.

“Thanks for stopping, my car broke down in all this snow” said the young woman.

“Lets get you home, can’t have you stranded out here Christmas morning like Scott of the Antarctic” said David.

The pair of travellers thrust together by the elements reached their destination. David exited the car and walked up the drive through the pristine snow. The front door of the house opened before he reached it, a welcoming glow surrounded two elderly people. “We’ve been expecting you”, they said in unison.

David was confused and turned to motion to the woman in his car but was no longer sat in the passenger seat. David looked up and down the street into darkness…nothing, and there were no footprints leading from the car apart from his own.

A hand rested on his shoulder, it was the man from inside the house. “Come inside, Mary’s just put the kettle on.” The pair trudged inside. David walked into the dining room to see a table covered with food, candles surrounded in tinsel and three places set.

Cautiously David took a seat. His eyes darted around the room, the walls were covered with photos of the two elderly people in younger days with the woman from the car. At least I’m at the right house he thought.

The man and woman sat at the table. “We owe you an explanation as to why you are here”, they said. “We did not know that you would be at the door…but knew we would find someone. It’s been the same for the last five years since Angela went away.”

“Went away?” queried David.

Mary spoke for the first time. “Angela was coming home for Christmas, but she never made it. That’s what we are trying to tell you…this has happened for the last five years. Angela was killed in a hit and run accident on the road you picked her up on…the driver was never caught. But you’ve helped our daughter complete her journey and return her to us on Christmas Eve. Her spirit lives on through people like you.”

“She said that this would be the last time she could visit and that she had to move to somewhere far from here, what did she mean?” said David trying to take it all in.

“She must have found peace.” Sighed the old man, he turned the television on just as a newsreader announced that a Range Rover had crashed killing its driver instantly, they were five times over the drink drive limit.

 The old man turned off the television and raised a glass of orange juice. “Merry Christmas.”

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