Stars in their Iz #5

Izzy and Missy

Now clearly I’m not saying that Isabelle looks like Mel Smith, even though he has a very baby shaped head, I’m not saying that in the slightest so don’t even go there!

Smith and Jones

This was Isabelle trying out her Bumbo, a fantastic seat type device that, according to the packaging, is your extra set of hands. It looks rather like a potty to me and I think I’d struggle to fit my gloves on it. Still, thus far, it’s a great little device that allows Izzy to sit up straight without having to get a sweaty head cuddling up to mummy or daddy. It obviously doesn’t say that on the box but seems a rather practical, helpful item that Isabelle seems to love sitting in as well. Result all round.

Sarah’s mum and dad also have a Bumbo so I guess that makes ours Bumbo: First Blood Part II?

I have no idea if Mel Smith is the proud owner of any such device, or indeed if his head gets sweaty easily. For her part, Missy has really been getting into the part of Griff Rhys Jones as she’ll soon be doing a new series of  visiting the best cities in the world for ITV and I hear she is really chewing the scenery up in her role as Fagin in Oliver


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