Silent Nights

Christmas might be just round the corner but the title of this is nothing to do with that, instead it refers to Izzy sleeping through…all of last week. Rejoice.

We aren’t being smug about it just enjoying it whilst it lasts but never really expecting it to. I was in that much shock the first night that it happened, sounds silly but it seemed like it came out of nowhere, that I had to go and count the bottles of milk that that were left in the fridge as I was sure that we must have done a feed on autopilot or something.

Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly not knocking the current situation but it also comes with its own problems, well, okay problems is too strong a word, but when getting up for work in the morning I find myself in a race against time, somewhat melodramatic, to get a shower and get dressed before madam rises from her peaceful slumber for her morning change and feed…of course some mornings she sleeps through until I’m long gone to work.

If nothing else it certainly keeps me on my toes first thing in the morning and no two mornings are guaranteed to be the same, it doesn’t give me much time to dawdle as I’ve got to be alert(ish) to help out Sarah. It beats watching Daybreak, although I do still dread juggling black sacks, pink sacks, changing nappies and still not having hit the shower come bin day, it can only be a question of when and not if it happens…

Enjoy the silence? Indeed we did but it went away almost as soon as it arrived as we bid a lukewarm welcome to teething…


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