New-man’s best friend

Tin Tin had Snowy, Dorothy had Toto and Isabelle has Missy.

It was clearly love at first sniff for Missy when she met Izzy in the flesh as she excitedly barked (as she always does with children) but then settled down straight away, unsurprising really as she had been shadowing Sarah and keeping close to her belly for pretty much the duration of the pregnancy.

And that protectiveness is still something that Missy still holds for Izzy, from dashing in to see she is okay when we forget to urn the baby sensor off, being alert and on standby when she is crying and taking repeated mini-kicks to the head when laid next to her. That’s love that is.

You couldn’t wish for a friendlier dog and has even enjoyed kneading her feet (scrounging them up a bit like Bruce Willis was told to in Die Hard hence him cutting his feet on all that glass), on the softness of Missy’s back, shared her play gym (most comfortable) and just generally likes to be near her. I’ve also no doubt that Missy also rather likes it that she has now been upgraded of sorts in the car as she gets to sit in the front with that view, fear not I’m still driving, with Sarah and Isabelle in the back.

As the two of them lay next to each other, both dreaming and snoring, it’s a fairly strong bet that their dreams will be featuring each other. My only cause for concern is that the pair of them don’t turn into Southend’s answer to Stewie and Brian, I guess only time will tell…

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