Feed of Dreams

I inhabit a world now where a sufficiently large burp or amply filled nappy pleases and excites me and I know it’s hardly Ripley’s believe it or not but Izzy has just fed whilst being asleep. A natural reflex by all accounts but I found it somewhat fascinating all the same as I was not aware of this baby autopilot phenomenon.

Clearly this a skill we lose early in life as I’m sure I would have consumed more than the odd pizza and chocolate using this very same method, although I’m sure there are still the few who have adapted the use of this skill when they are at work.

Izzy just looked rather chilled and relaxed as she took her sleep feed, her eyes remaining closed throughout the guzzling of milk, some general gurgling the only sign of anything actually happening. There was even a spot of dream burping to be had as well.

If you feed her…her burps will come.

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