Night of the Living Dad

Despite the constant drooping eyelids it turns out that feeding and burping in the night isn’t all that bad. This week I’ve done it whilst catching silly o’clock screenings of Jurassic Park and Beverly Hills Cop 3, although with the latter I was naturally tempted to pat the Axel F theme on Izzy’s back but did resist.

Izzy turned one month old this week and is continuing to grow (almost before our very eyes) as she now weighs 8 lb 9 oz. She marked the occasion by being sick on me for the first time – with all that white gloop coming out from her mouth she did a fairly good impression of Ash the cyborg from Alien. Who’d have thought that such a little person could hold so much warm, white fluid!

It’s certainly put me off Ovaltine for life, not that I much fancied it in the first place to be honest.

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