Two weeks old today!

The excitement was all too much

That’s right Izzy has been with us for a whole two weeks and it’s certainly not been a fraught fortnight either. It’s odd that we are even at the two-week mark as sometimes its seems less and sometimes it feels more but whichever way you look at it it feels as if she has never not been here.

The health visitor came out today, who Sarah knew from work so that made it feel all that little bit more special.

Izzy’s first weigh in after she first came home showed us she had lost 11 ounces from her 7 lbs birth weight, quite a normal occurence but obviously we were still a little worried.

Since then the little madam has been gulping for England, been a bit sick for Scotland and hiccupped for Wales, rather adorably sounding like a yapping puppy, think the woman who bounces up on down on one leg and does a dog impression in Coming To America. But the, she makes being sick seem adorable at the moment as well to be honest.

Izzy at 14 days old

Anyway, back to the weigh in, she’s been putting the weight back on, fitting snuggly in the graph and charts they plot, and now weighs 7 lb 3 oz. Obviously we are fattening her up for Christmas.

They also measured Izzy’s height and she is a dizzying 50 com tall, I grant you no ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’ just yet but I’m sure she’ll grow at a fair old rate and be up to be shoulders before I know it…just not this side of Christmas if you please!

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