Let’s go to work

It was great to see everyone at work – as anticipated we didn’t get very far before a crowd gathered for a look, a touch, a hold and people’s hearts melted. It was nice to see people genuinely thrilled for us and to finally meet Izzy, where she had almost become a celebrity of sorts in the office, me acting as her warm up man of sorts.

We were even stopped in the street for a look by complete strangers, which meant we were now able to enter a whole new phase of ‘Baby Bingo’ , see the old one here, with such things as “how old is she?”, “How much did she weigh?”, “Is she your first?”

Izzy also had her first trip to Starbucks and the staff were really friendly and even heated up her bottle for us, Sarah and I were the ones on the caffeine.

It was also the first time we had really taken the buggy out on manoeuvres and makes you realise just how inadequate the high street is for people with wheelchairs and pushchairs with massive kerbs, with a distinct lack of dips, and giant heavy doors that can prove problematic when trying to open them with one hand.

Steps were also fun, I never knew that there were quite so many steps out there and it almost felt like the Odessa steps sequence from The Untouchables at one point, minus the machine gun fire and the Armani suits obviously.

Each journey out Izzy’s special bag is also a pre-requisite which although practical unfortunately happens to be a Pineapple Dance Studio bag, black with shocking pink logo, fortunately though this doesn’t mean I have to dance round like Louie Spence!

We also had the perils of multi-storey car parks to contend with as where you can normally just walk round cars it almost turned into a maze of cars of as you had to look for a gap big enough to squeeze both you and a buggy through. I think before we go out next time we’ll go on some recognisance before hand!

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