It’s A Wonderful Life

I went into town for the first time today since Izzy was born and felt on a high. Walking through the pedestrianised section of the high street reminded me somewhat of George Bailey (James Stewart) in that perennial Christmas classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.

I’m particularly thinking of that scene where George is running through a the snow filled streets  of Bedford Falls screaming Merry Christmas to all and sundry after he has been persuaded not to jump off a bridge by his guardian angel, Clarence. Obviously I’ve not contemplated throwing myself off any bridges or anything but I really identified with Stewart’s character and could almost see myself in the reflection of shop windows doing the very same, replacing Christmas with the news of the birth of Izzy.

Even if I had done that today I doubt many people in Southend High Street would have battered their eyelids as there have certainly been stranger sights make their way through town before now.

As well as reintegrating myself into society of sorts, Sarah and I almost becoming like real life versions of Nell or inhabitants of M. Night Whathisname’s The Village, and I’m not counting trips down the aisles in the supermarket in on that, I also met up with my brother, Gavin, his partner, Shona, and kids who were visiting from Nottinghamshire.

It was a great welcome from them all, this being the first time they had all been down to Southend, and the glorious weather all helped as well. After a whistle stop tour of Southend High Street I picked Sarah and Izzy up, apart from coming back from the hospital and going round to her mum and dad’s it was her very first excursion in public.

It was warm enough to sit outside, which was great, time enough for Sarah to have her first glass, nay whole bottle with Shona, of Ernie and Ju in nine months. I am sure that the stockpile of this we have built up during that time certainly won’t take as long to dissipate.

It was also the first outing for the buggy which took a while longer than expected to piece together, like something you have to construct in The Krypton Factor, but construct it we did and it worked like a dream and Izzy was most comfortable in it. Not that she told us in so many words as we didn’t hear a peep!

All the experiences that life seems bring at the moment seem to be heightened, turning a simple jaunt into town or to the pub into something special. Will that last, probably not, but it’s a ride that we are all enjoying each twist and turn of at the mo. It’s a wonderful life? You betcha!


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