Happy birthday to who?

As of the date of writing today, September 1st, should have been Izzy’s birthday and as such it seemed rather fitting to take a look back as to those famous and infamous people that she shares her birthday with.

It would appear that Izzy and I have Bond-ed already as we both share the unfortunate honour of missing James Bond actors’ birthdays by one day, myself with Roger Moore and now Izzy with Sean Connery, sigh.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a massive fan of all things Bond, especially Sir Rog, so I’ll be sure to pass on my stiff upper lip on missing yet another James Bond birthday. Undeterred I set myself the quest (as rightly predicted by you Mr Tuner) of discovering which fantastically inspirational and amazing people my new daughter rubbed her birthday shoulders with.

Chris Pine

AKA the new Captain Kirk, which is kind of quite cool. He studied acting in Leeds of all places and has been mooted to take on the acting role of Jack Ryan as made famous by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford in The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games. Rather fittingly then he has been dubbed by People magazine as ‘the new Harrison Ford’.

Macaulay Culkin

Certainly neither the new or old Harrison Ford is the former annoying brat from Home Alone and Home Alone 2. I actually don’t mind Home Alone 2 and I guess Izzy could learn a thing or two from Culkin’s character, Kevin McCallister, if we were ever burgled. Is worth an estimated $17 million, so would probably be quite happy being home alone (ahem) as he never has to work again.

Steve Wright

He of in the afternoon as it used to be when he was on Radio One but is now on Radio 2. Also had a bash at Saturday evening telly back in the 90s and  I remember him and his posse appearing on Top of the Pops with the top 5 single, I’ll be back, under the moniker of Arnee and the Terminators. That bad is was beyond good.

Mother Teresa

That’s more like it, they are trying to fasttrack her into becoming a Saint for Chris sakes (can’t see her being as debonair as Roger Moore mind). Things are looking up and religious wise is certainly a step up from my Cliff Richard, he shares his birthday with me – lucky this isn’t birthday top trumps then.

Mary Ann Nichols

Easy come, easy go. There’s something about Mary alright! Mary Ann or Polly as was her nickname is widely known as being the first victim of one Jack the Ripper. I guess you could look at it as Mother T and Mary kind of cancelling each other out.

Me? I’m Margaret Thatcher, Sir Cliff Richard, Edwina Curry, um Paul Potts, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, and Chris Carter, creator of The X Files. I also share it one of the characters that Carter created, one Fox Mulder. Spooky!

When I was little though I only had Maggie, Cliff and Ed, so often found myself lying and bumping Roger to my day, can you blame me?

Which famous people (living or dead, annoying or not) do you share your birthday with?

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