That was the week that wasn’t

Well, what a week it has been in many ways and what a week it certainly hasn’t been in many others!

Last Tuesday almost seems a whole lifetime ago, this was the day that we went into hospital to have Izzy induced, turns out nobody actually let her in on that little titbit of information…or on Wednesday either.

Obviously Sarah’s more than a little frustrated at the prodding, poking and flitting back and forth from the hospital. Not that the hospital haven’t been great, they’ve been fantastic and each and every person we’ve come into contact with has been massively kind and helpful beyond words. Think we are all sick at looking at those patterned hospital bed curtains though, which in many ways has felt like living in a shower cubicle of sorts for the week.

I can’t grumble too much though as obviously I’ve not suffered the slings and arrows that Sarah has, both mentally and physically, and her mums been great in spending all that time there that I’ve not when I’ve shot off back to work. Her dad has also been fab playing the role of Mr Taxi for all of us which has been a massive bonus.

My mum and dad also stepped up to the plate, ‘jetting in’ from Nottinghamshire as a surprise visit with their support, which was a pleasant shock to see them sitting by the hospital lift, and they have been just fantastic in running errands and sprucing up the flat and just generally being there.

Are you talc-ing to me?

If we turn out half as good as our parents then we won’t be putting too many feet wrong, even if my trying to screw the lid off some talcum powder wasn’t the most auspicious of starts to parenthood for us, in our defence it’s not something we have really previously bought and how we were meant to know the holes we covered by a sticker! The only way is up I say.

In other news we did both spot, at different times, Nick Frost (Simon Pegg’s mate from Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and soon to be Thompson Twin in Tin Tin) at the hospital, not to speak to of course, but who knows might bump into him in the lifts next week, but please not the toilets! At least he wasn’t waiting outside in a Jag with the engine running so at least I knew the zombie apocalypse hadn’t started or anything, so that was quite reassuring.

With Izzy having taken up squatters rights in Sarah we are venturing back there on Tuesday for round 3…

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