You Only Build Once

Its part way through the fifth James Bond big screen adventure, You Only Live Twice (1967), and ‘Q’ has just delivered 007 his latest gadget in a series of boxes. A dumbfounded Sean Connery watches on as bit by bit and piece by piece these boxes contents are magically transformed into ‘Little Nellie’, a fantastic gyro-copter that Bond, complete with missiles and machine guns, uses to battle funky 60s helicopters as he hunts for Blofeld’s secret volcano base.

The machine guns and missiles might well have been missing – clearly not available on our model – but I felt exactly like Commander Bond as I helped my very own ‘Q’, Sarah’s dad Jeff, fit together our buggy.

It all slotted together so easily, take note design persons of IKEA etc, and not a screw, hammer or nail was needed, which is very rare for me, even when hammers and nails are not actually needed!

Colour wise it might not exactly be racing green but it’s the same colour as our Fiesta and should at least see us sticking out of the crowd from those blacks and greys and means we are easy to spot in Bluewater etc.

Of course, this isn’t just a normal buggy it’s a veritable super-buggy that any baby Bond would be pleased with as it transforms from a pushchair to a pram to a travel system that holds the car seat, amazing stuff and seems a world away from what was around when I was little. It’s even got proper tyres – not with lasers or tyre shredders though unforts – and comes complete with its very own bicycle pump!

As the buggy was being put together it did get some serious attention from Max the German Shepherd and Missy the Jack Russell as well. Both were eagerly circling the boxes and tails swishing like loons as the contents of each box was magically unveiled. Max has seen babies and prams etc arrive before so you could almost see the moment when he put it all together and turned to Missy and say: “I knew it, I told you they were having a baby, I told you!” Missy probably replied with something like, “A baby, what’s that? Is it like a baby bell? I like baby bell.”

They were both very excitable and clearly it made them both exhausted as they had to have a well earned lay down once they were happy that the buggy had been built to their liking.

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