Izzy, you have been evicted…please leave the Big Mother house

You are live in the Big Mother house, please do not swear

First things first she’s still in there kicking away but her days in the diary womb are numbered as Izzy has been given her eviction notice by the Doctor, sorry m’lady no more squatters rights for you and no we aren’t expecting Davina to make an appearance to give Izzy her first interview.

Initially expected to make her big entrance on September 1st it now looks like it’s all going to happen on Tuesday 16th August thanks to the Doctors being worried about mother and baby and the possibility of pre-eclampsia  – sounds like Latin to me and more like mea culpa or something – but it turns out it’s the most common of the serious things that can affect mother and baby and can even be life threatening to both if not monitored and caught early enough – gee thanks scary as shit poster in the hospital, really helped put my mind at ease.

That may not have done but the doctors and nurses have and Sarah’s being monitored daily, after having spent one night in hospital. She’s now resting up in her fetching stockings that help prevent blood clots, but as long as it keeps her and Izzy safe that is all that matters…Pippi Longstocking jokes are clearly out of bounds.

Still, could be much worse as we are watching Legion at the moment which features Paul Bettany as a fallen angel protecting a group of people at a remote gas station from an onslaught of possessed people in essentially what is the end of days. Bettany is there to protect a pregnant waitress and her unborn child who is set to be the saviour of all mankind, so when you put it like that it we’ve kind of gotten off quite lightly! Although if our daughter was the saviour of mankind, we’d of course by very proud parents.

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