Bring on the walls!

Rolf and er, a Roo

GCSE and A Level Art, check. Hours of watching Tony Hart and Rolf Harris, check, Alas I don’t feel any number of hours watching Take Hart or Rolf’s Cartoon Club will help me in my quest of painting Izzy’s room, unless I’m doing giant Tom and Jerry’s (doing stupid panting noises as I do) or planning on doing a picket fence going off into the distance. Which I’m not.

Instead, looking like an honorary Ghostbuster with my trusty Paint pod, I know I’ll be safe as long as I don’t cross my colour streams!

I’m sure Missy, our Jack Russell, will try and ‘help’ in some way shape or form, she’s already fallen foul of hair dye this week so it doesn’t bode too well for her to be honest, so the likelihood is that she is bound to get ‘slimed’, although I must point out the room is not being painted luminous green.

Who let the demon dogs out?

Hopefully there’ll be the cool and refreshing dangly carrot of several cold beers awaiting me in the fridge, although it will be just my luck that Zuul will have taken over the fridge, well just as long as those demon dogs haven’t  swiped my beers! I ain’t ‘fraid of no room!

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