The man from ante-natal

It’s probably a common misconception but I always thought antenatal classes went straight into the whole breathing techniques side of things, how wrong I was.

A whole array of people turned up, some with their partners and some without. We all paired up for getting to know you exercises, which was all very away day/staff training at the office type stuff but kind of broke the ice.

The chap I was paired up with clearly hadn’t been taking in too much information about me as he thought my name was Jack (obviously a theme is emerging this week as someone thought I was Ian on the phone today) and that our baby was due in January (not true Sarah, don’t worry as he wasn’t a Doctor).

Pain relief was the main buzz word of the day with us all discussing the various options available including injections, gas and air and even things attached to the back that give you a little electric shock and stop the pain reaching our brain, sounds more like shock therapy to me, but alas none of these methods were for us dads but for the mums.

Sarah was very clear that she wants lots of it, and I even may partake in a puff of the gas if I get a chance! To be honest, I think Sarah could do with all of the above at home at the moment as she is in great pain with her sciatic nerve which is at times making even the simplest movement a major logistical operation which at times has been like stop-motion animation on a life-size scale, not that there is a lot Sarah can do about it although I know she’d pretty much do anything to not be like it.

All of this has meant lots of back massages where the pain has been at its most intense and although no Phoebe Buffay in the massage department but my alternate ‘wax on’ and ‘wax off’ technique would do even Mr Miyagi proud.

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