Here’s looking at you, kid


Heeeeeere's baby!!!

I’ve seen Avatar in 3D and was suitably impressed, I’ve seen Shrek in 4D at Universal Studios theme park, and again was impressed, but neither were as impressive as the 4D film that I saw today, that of my yet to be born daughter.

Now I’m not entirely sure where the 4D moniker came from as with Shrek 4D we had water and wind blowing in our faces, thankfully the feeling of  being in the womb was not replicated today, although it was a rather small darkened room.

Basically it works as thus, sound is used to create images of how the baby ‘looks’ and it really was quite amazing stuff, even though at first the brown images looked something like several melted Dime bars…but then, after baby settled down (momentarily) a clear image began to show where the hand and features of the face were clearly defined and then rotated in ‘bullet time’ style fashion as if the image before us was something straight out of a Hollywood film.

With sound being used to create the images that we saw it was important that the baby played ball, which it didn’t, and not move  around too much, which it did. She did remain still long enough for us to get some great images, included one of her holding her hand up to her face, almost as if she knew where were looking in on her. We also got a DVD of the whole experience, so perhaps it was a little bit like a Hollywood film afterall, although this was probably better described as a trailer for what was ‘Coming Soon’ rather than the main feature. That’s September!

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