To be continued…

Mother and baby are all fine after the 20 week scan but we’ll have to wait a while longer to find out if it’s a boy or a girl as legs etc were flaying around so much that they couldn’t be 100% sure.

Initially baby seemed to segway between not moving where we wanted it to or when it did it just went all out on the movement front. The former meant that we had to go in twice, between the second visit doing some pacing up and down to get the little ‘un bustin his/her moves which I almost thought might have meant Sarah emulating Gene Wilder’s over excentuated walk in See No Evil, Hear No Evil. Thankfully it didn’t come to this, stealing a police car or wearing ice cream cones on our heads.

We aren’t sure who the baby is taking after on the none-compliance front as I’m awkward and Sarah is stubborn so we both score evenly on that.

We got some nice new up-to-date scan pics from the machine, one with the baby even looking right at the camera as if to say Stewie Griffin style, “what the blazes!”  However, as advised on the posters dotted around, seriously, did not try to take images of the scan on our mobile phones, which clearly means this has been attempted on more than one occasion, classy!

We may not have got to find out if we were having a boy or a girl but the main and most important thing was that baby is safe and well.


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